Processing Flow Chart of Seamless Titanium Tube

Seamless Titanium Tube Processing Flow Chart

Seamless Titanium Tube Advantages

  • Accept Samll Orders
  • Can Make to Heavy Thickness
  • Standard Higher Pressure
  • No Tooling Required
  • Easy to Adjust the Mechanical Properties
  • High Production Rate

Raw Material Guarantee

FDTitanium’s raw material titanium billet from China Steel.

As an international company, China Steel (CSPM) has better control over the properties and chemical composition of sponge titanium smelting and billet. It relies on CSPM’s strong R&D skills, modern production facilities and national laboratories to ensure that all materials meet the requirements of international standards. As a long-term strategic partner of CSPM, our company will get priority to all kinds of resources and technical support from CSPM.

Surface Treatment ( Outside & Internal Surface )

The oxide layer on the surface of billet without cleaning will cause many irreparable defects on the outer surface of finished steel tube. Although skinning will result in loss of finished product rate and increase cost, as a high-quality titanium pipe supplier, it must be skinned on the surface.

The outer surface of the titanium tube can be observed with naked eyes, but the inner surface of the titanium tube can not be touched except for flaw detection. Like the outer skinning, the inner boring will cause about 8% yield loss and greatly increase the cost. Unless specifically requested by customers, our titanium tubes are mostly processed by internal boring to meet international standards.

Cold Rolling Machine

Our company has 16 Pilger mills with a monthly output of about 60 tons.

Vaccum Furnace

Three vacuum heat treatment furnaces with a maximum length of 15 meters and a maximum heat treatment size of 300 mm.

Final Testing

Final testing to make sure each tube is good.

Chemical Composition, Mechanical Properties, Hydrostatic, Pneumatic, Eddy Current Test, Ultrasonic Test, QC Test.

QC Test
Chemical Tester

Wooden Case Packing

Processing Flow Chart of Welded Titanium Tube

Welded Titanium Tube Advantages

  • Simpler Production Processes
  • More Better Wall Thickness Uniformity
  • Faster Delivery Time
  • Better Price

Raw Material Guarantee

FD Titanium has long worked closely with Baosteel Group and Pangang to ensure that stainless steel and titanium slabs are of high quality.

Cold Rolling Machine

Owned rolling mill can control quality, delivery time and production cost, so that customers can buy better quality titanium tubes with the best price.

Welding Machine

Imported automated production line, will uncoiling, forming, welding, flaw detection, air tightness inspection and other processes completed at one time, high production efficiency, stable quality.

Final Testing

  • 50 pieces or 30 minutes to inspect length, outer diameter, roundness, weld and the Outer surface
  • 100% Non-destructive Testing
  • Hydruastic Pressure 10Mpa for 10 seconds, pneumatic pressure: 1 Mpa for 10 seconds
  • 100% Final inspection the length, outer diameter, roundness, weld, surface and burr at both ends
  • Mechanical Properties Test (Flares, Flattening, Reverse Bending, Tensile Strength, Yield Strength and Elongation) per 200PCS

Wooden Case Packing

Wooden case packing to protect titanium tubes not demage during transportation, For special longer or heavy package. We use the steel frame outside to make it stronger.

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