Power Plant is one of the important application areas of titanium tubing. We can supply high quality titanium tubes to meet your needs in this field.

Power Plant
Power Plant
Power Plant

Through a lot of experiments and application examples have proved that in the power plant condenser with titanium pipe, both technically and economically has great superiority, from an economic point of view, in Japan in 1983, a 1000 mw condenser of nuclear power unit tubing (about 50000 condenser tubes) prices, for example, according to the use of the condenser of 40 years, average annual aluminium brass tube leakage lO root, titanium tube in 40 years with no leakage.

Here are 3 problems to be solved in the application of titanium tube in power station:

1. Corrosion problem

The condensers in Binhai power station use sea water as cooling water. Because seawater contains a large number of sediment, suspended substances, Marine life and a variety of corrosive substances. The situation is even worse in brackish water, where the sea and river alternate. The traditional methods of corrosion of copper and gold pipes include: overall corrosion (uniform corrosion), erosion, erosion and stress corrosion.

Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium, the seawater leakage accident caused by corrosion of titanium tube condenser has been eliminated. However, due to the good corrosion resistance of titanium tube, it does not produce a toxic substance on the surface like copper alloy tube. Therefore, it is easy for sea organisms to adhere to the wall of the titanium tube, thus affecting the heat transfer effect, so there must be a corresponding cleaning device.

2. Hydrogen absorption

Although titanium has a dense passivation film on its surface and is highly resistant to corrosion in many highly corrosive media, it has a strong affinity for hydrogen. It’s very easy to draw hydrogen. Occurs at room temperature, and at high temperatures (such as 100℃) hydrogen uptake is rapid. The fixation limit of hydrogen in titanium is very small (about 20ppm), beyond which hydride (TtH2) will precipitate on the surface of titanium. Along with the increase in surface TiH2, titanium impact value and elongation reduced quickly.

In addition, the transformation of old units, due to the tube sheet is copper alloy, titanium condensation works, this would require the use of cathodic protection devices to prevent electrochemical corrosion such as Hitachi plant condensate gas with water cooling, column pipe and copper alloy titanium plate of galvanic couple, when the protection potential is less than a 0.75 v (ScE) make export titanium pipe end hydrogen absorption, use the hydrogen content of 650 PPM a year; if the potential to choose a 05 ~ o. 75 v (ScE), titanium is not going to happen at room temperature hydrogen absorption”

3. Vibration problem

Because titanium tube corrosion resistance is good. Titanium condensers do not leak damage due to corrosion. But titanium tubes can be damaged by vibration.

In order to avoid the problem of titanium tube vibration, it is necessary to determine the suitable spacing of the baffles when manufacturing the barrier titanium condenser. In the transformation of the old unit, we should examine whether the original partition spacing is suitable for titanium tube.

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