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FD Titanium is a titanium tube manufacturer based in china with a well-established global customers. We produce a range of titanium tube that are perfect fit for heat exchanger, heat pump, condensers as well as all kinds of sport products such as titanium bicycle, wheelchairs and another special fields that need high strength and light weight applications.

In addition to producing high-quality titanium tubes, we provide a full range of service, from cutting, bending, grooving, polishing, machining and make sure everything is in place. To reduce the cost and processing before customers used it.

One of Featured Products – 3Al2.5V Titanium Alloy Tube

Not only the CP titanium tube. Ti-3Al2.5V seamless tube is one of our star products, after take more than 10 years experience and improving. FD Titanium holds 70% of domestic market. If you have the requirements which need light weight, higher strength. Our technicians will be happy to provide any assistance and consultation you need.

The New Products – High Efficiency Titanium Tube

More and more customers need to increase the efficiency at heat exchanging process. FD Titanium takes more time to develop the corrugate tube, spiral tube, low fin tube, and inner grooved tube.

Once you have related requirement of these tubes. Touched us now. We will work with you meticulously and answer every question regarding your project and FREE sample will send it for your evaluation.

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History of FD Titanium

  • 2008 — Build Freedom Steel Internatonal Limited (HK), Trading kinds of Seamless Tubes (Carbon Steel, Stainless, Brass, Aluminum, Nickel and Titanium)

  • 2009 — Build Zhangjiagang ZhongKe Tube Industry Co,Ltd, Manufacture Seamless Titanium Tubes

  • 2010 — ISO 9001 Certification

  • 2012 — PED 4.3 Certification

  • 2014 — Start Processing 3Al-2.5V Titanium Alloy Tubes

  • 2015 — Output 60T/per Month Titanium Tubes

  • 2017 — Start Welding Titanium Tube Business

  • 2018 — Start Processing Titanium High Efficiency Tube

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