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Nickel Alloy Tube Capable to Handle Extreme Corrosive Environment

Author : admin Date : 12/10/2015 6:52:43 AM
Nickel based tubes find applications where there is a problem regarding change in pressure and temperature. Their extreme hardness and ductability make them available to use in touch environmental conditions like in corrosive environment. With high strength, they find applications in desalination component construction. You can use them in chemical industry because they have an ability to handle flammable chemical compounds that result in longer life of equipments. Nickel tubes are easy to electroplate due to which they sometimes used as base materials in product development. You can purchase them in diverse sizes and length along with ability to maintain metallurgical stability in an efficient manner.

Nickel alloy tube is able to withstand salt water, phosphoric acid, chloride reduction stress, nitric acid and sulfuric acid. It also finds its usage in aerospace and water processing industry for steam generator tubing and continuous flow of water respectively. Tubes are highly strong due to which they are used in extraction programs to handle toxic environment. Another use if we consider is in development of heat exchangers and heating element sheathing in oil & gas industry. For different-different usages, the tubes are designed in customized specifications for all the customers. Nickel Alloy Tube

For example, you can find them in your desired width between 0.5mm ~ 15mm and in thickness between 6mm ~ 114mm effectively. In each application, they work with low density because they are designed with excellent mechanical properties. If you want long tubes, you can join two or more tubes together to fulfill your desire. Through welding process, it is possible to join more tubes in a strong manner. Don’t worry about change in tube’s shape, because they work with low thermal expansion that maintain their shapes same even in very hot atmosphere. Unique magnetic permeability properties of nickel alloy tube differentiate it from other tubing materials.