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Nd on α-temperature titanium alloy

Author : admin Date : 6/8/2015 9:24:04 PM
 High temperature titanium alloy has excellent heat resistance, low density and good corrosion resistance, in the aerospace field more used to manufacture aircraft engines, gas pressure plate, casing and so on. Currently, 600 ℃ and foreign research Titanium has been used in aircraft engines, such as the UK's IMI834, American Ti-1100, Russia's BT18Y so made good use of effects. China has developed the 600 ℃ and titanium alloy Ti60 and Ti600 performance has reached the international advanced level, subject to the further development of high-temperature alloy heat resistance and thermal stability limitations. Titanium 600 ℃ and almost all Ti-Al-Zr-Sn-Mo-Si-based equivalent of nearly α-type aluminous alloy that have higher creep strength and transient tensile strength, but after long-term use Thermal stability have different degrees of decline. Changes in the microstructure of the surface oxidation and internal exposure process can significantly reduce the thermal stability of the superalloy long. Currently, high temperature titanium tube alloy Another trend is adding rare earth elements. China in this regard do a lot of research, such as Ti55 and Ti60 alloy rare earth alloys are added Nd, rare earth alloys to add to Ti600 Y and Ti633G alloy by adding rare earth Gd, in terms of improved alloys have achieved good results. Adding rare earth elements to improve the thermal stability of the alloy primarily through rare earths alloy matrix of oxygen, the formation of complex compounds, purify the alloy matrix, thereby improving alloy heat resistance and thermal stability.

In order to obtain better overall performance of the alloy, it is designed and developed a new type of 600 ℃ and add Nd alloy Ti-Al-Zr-Sn-Mo-Nb-Si-0.8Nd (wt%), the characteristics of the alloy are simultaneously contain Mo and Nb two kinds of β stabilizing element and a rare earth element Nd.

Experimental alloys were vacuum consumable arc furnace twice 5kg ingot smelting obtained by measuring the phase transition point (1045 ± 5) ℃, both alloys ingots were blooming in the β-phase region, after repeated upsetting pull through two-phase region eventually forging a rod with a diameter of 20mm. Both alloys are used for 1000 ℃ × 1h / AC + 700 ℃ × 2h / AC heat treatment system, heat exposure test was processed alloy rod into a tensile test after heat treatment at 600 ℃ placed in an air circulation chamber furnace 100h and completed, the tensile specimens before and after exposure to heat room temperature tensile testing.

Nd-added alloys, mainly O, Nd, rare form Sn phase particles containing three elements exist, the average size of less than 6μm, high temperature stable phase. Rare earth alloy phase particles dispersed in the alloy reduces the average grain size, and can hinder interface and dislocation movement, played the role of improving strength. RE phase contains a large number of O and Sn elements reduce aluminum equivalent alloy matrix, thereby inhibiting the α2 phase of the large amount of deposits, improved thermal stability of the alloy.

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