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US titanium market

Author : admin Date : 4/16/2015 9:56:36 PM
Titanium product prices reach the high price in US market, the buyer acknowledges that in the near future also invisible weaker demand reasons. Standard aerospace grade titanium ingot prices 6AI-4V per pound from $ 10-10,50 end of last year to $ 16,50-17. Some buyers think that will increase to $ 20 per pound. Purchase Delivery many transactions have been increased to 50 weeks, but also a longer period of supply for some rolled. According to a buyer talk, in fact, all rolled titanium manufacturers to sell goods before the end of the year has been completed for most new users, they can not be locked "fixed price." The price of the lock can only be supplied on the eve of the final Pro. Some buyers said that any current price is a serious problem for them. Overall, buyers can not see the number of suppliers of titanium products improved, but also can not predict the price stability reasons. To some extent, at the height of the civil aviation development. In Asia, the non-aviation industrial market continues to expand.

According to 2004 statistics, titanium products like as titanium tube, bars, sheets etc  supply from the United States increased 23 percent, combined 19,300 tons (equivalent to 42.5 million pounds). Despite major US manufacturer of titanium RTI Interanational Metals decrease due to a labor dispute supplier.

Meanwhile, the price of titanium scrap also increased, after the melting of titanium scrap, at historically low prices a year and a half ago is -2 1,75-1,80 dollars per pound, the price per pound after processing now reached 14- US $ 14,5. In commodity prices combined sense of titanium scrap also increased to US $ 12-13 per pound.

In the analysis of titanium scrap market, there is some feeling that prices will fall from the current high price. Market participants will be several times the price of titanium scrap reduced to below $ 13 per pound, the price effect may also affect the price of titanium decline.

Titanium prices continue to decline, as buyers benefit from lower offer traders, the titanium alloy prices fell $ 1,5 / kg once again, the current price of $ 24-25 per kg tax price. May occur at lower prices. According to a trader, said he sold 50 tons of titanium alloy to a metallurgical plants in Europe, the price is slightly higher than the $ 20 per kilogram, while the large titanium manufacturers have exited the market.

A factory representative believes that there has been a limited number of titanium from Ukraine and Russia on the titanium market, traders are more willing to buy after buy low, sell high and make a difference. The current market soon calmed down. Once again raising the possibility of a great price.

Last weekend, another manufacturers worry the market prices, so the last two weeks without selling titanium. Many people believe that the market titanium from Ukraine and Russia supplemented with such factors, long-term high-priced supply has prompted some traders to sell the final hand, this phenomenon shows that the highest price of titanium the moment has passed.

The future price of titanium scrap and titanium may not be linked to the price, according to the manufacturer's words, the price of titanium scrap may still depend on the origin and quality of the per pound price between $ 5,4-6,0. More accurate to say that between 5,8-6,0 dollars per pound.