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Titanium dioxide market staged a

Author : Date : 8/18/2016 11:18:10 PM
  At the beginning of August, Sichuan Lomon announced price increases, domestic direct customers up 500 CNY/ T, the domestic auto prices by 300 CNY / T, foreign trade prices by $ 50 / T. Then, Ningbo Xinfu, Panzhihua East Titanium, Guangdong Hui-yun, Anhui ANE DDA and other mainstream manufacturers have with inflation, rose 500 CNY/ T.

August 10th, the international company Huntsman also announced that the company's titanium dioxide product price increases, and even been on hold for anatase titanium dioxide also has a narrow upward trend. August 11th, Nanjing Titanium, Cangwu downwind, Detian Chemical manufacturers have announced its anatase titanium dioxide prices by 300 CNY / T.

Demand from the market point of view, the overall demand is weak, the titanium dioxide industry is currently in the off-season, but driven by real estate and automobile industry, market sentiment remains optimistic. From the international market, the export side, in June 2016 exports of titanium dioxide 63882.395 tons, an increase of 44.48%, a decrease of 10.32%, in 2016 from January to June, total exports of 348,506.326 tons of titanium dioxide, an increase of 28.04%. In the domestic demand downturn, good export market to give strong support to the price of titanium dioxide.

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