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Titanium applications in the field of sports equipment

Author : Date : 4/28/2016 12:44:08 AM
 Titanium on sports equipment, such as bicycles, motor boats, tennis rackets and saddlery are given on the application, but their scale and impact, and are not comparable to the golf head.

At the end of 20 actual 1980s, Japan began to develop casting titanium golf club heads, get good results. Titanium density, high strength, as compared with stainless steel, can be made larger striking surface and volume ball, it hit more accurately, play away. More significantly, when the titanium alloy casting ball hitting the ball the athletes feel good, sounds good. Thus Investment casting titanium ball achieved great development in Japan, the first rod ball 90 percent titanium ball. Golf putter head (commonly known as iron) titanium castings also began mass production.
Development of titanium golf heads, titanium casting technology and progress is inseparable. Internal metallurgical quality demanding golf head, allowing the presence of small areas of loose, but the surface quality requirements are very strict, even more than the highest level of quality aerospace titanium investment casting requirements. Golf head wall thickness is generally 1.4 mm, or even for the 1.0 ~ 1.2 mm, which has more than the minimum allowable wall thickness of 1.5 mm titanium casting international standard requirements. Range ball thin-walled area, often exceeding 50 mm × 50 mm area of ​​the casting technology to put forward a great challenge.
Currently, the first golf titanium investment casting manufacturing industry has formed a certain production scale. If the Japanese market in 1991 cast titanium golf club heads sales of 60,000 in 1995, it jumped to 1.5 million, with annual sales reached $ 70 million. According to the US TIMET company estimates, in 1991 the amount of titanium in the world in the field of sports for the 230 t (where a larger proportion of titanium castings), 1997 increased to approximately 4770 t, since then, growth has slowed, but in 2000 still increase to about 5800 t.

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