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Titanium application in petroleum chemical industry

Author : Date : 7/12/2016 12:37:18 AM
 In the petrochemical enterprises in the titanium heat exchangers, condensers and the related auxiliary equipment it has been used successfully for over 20 years. Titanium is the most commonly used industrial pure titanium (TA2 to the most widely used), Ti-6Al-4V (when required certain strength) and Ti-0.8Ni-0.3Mo (when there is no gap or in a non-oxidizing medium). When hydrogen absorption and hydrogen embrittlement may occur, especially in the case of the weld zone corrosion and hydrogen absorption, it is necessary to use low-iron (<0.05%) of titanium. Petrochemical industry products and more complicated process, now introduces an example of the application of titanium:

High in sulfur and the salt content of the crude oil refinery, titanium device is ideal. In many processes abroad atmospheric distillation unit, sewage treatment equipment, desulfurization separation column condenser and radiator stripper successfully choose titanium equipment for many years. China has also been cast in the system using titanium sea water pumps, fractionation of the FCC titanium condenser, titanium condenser and cryogenic separation of porous titanium, etc., have normal, run more than a decade

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