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Titanium application in China's defense industry

Author : Date : 4/14/2016 1:28:37 AM
Our aviation titanium industry is also the rise of our country in the 1980s determined to promote titanium civilian policy, the state has taken a timely manner to support the policy, only titanium industry embarked on a path of stable development.
In recent years, China's aircraft manufacturing and shipbuilding developed rapidly in these two areas, there have been new aircraft production, in many research projects are also estimated that the amount of titanium in these two areas will be a substantial increase, and there are also reports Description our F10 also uses more titanium, as well as friends some time ago posted on the website of China's new Jagged titanium hood and Q-5 fighter wing titanium fittings pictures. Using the above titanium seen in our country already mature, in time, we also allow the application of titanium aerospace industry leap. In the aerospace industry, China's first large-scale all-titanium purple outer space telescope has also been manufactured and experiment is completed, the application of titanium alloy bright future in space.
But the size and production of titanium Titanium and there is a great gap between the developed countries, in the civilian industry is also a small amount of titanium, which is the reason for the superiority of titanium material has not been widely recognized, coupled with the high price of titanium material so that many companies can not afford a direct impact on promoting the use of titanium material. To make our titanium industry has been rapid development, we must vigorously publicize and promote the use of titanium metal material, so that the advantages of titanium metal material has been fully applied

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