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Application for Titanium

Author : gp Date : 6/2/2015 11:57:16 PM

(1), the chemical industry

Titanium in a variety of acid, alkali, salt medium has good stability. Therefore, titanium is the chemical industry excellent corrosion-resistant materials, has been more widely used. For example, use in the chlor-alkali industry, titanium anodes and titanium wet chlorine cooler, received very good economic results, known as the chlor-alkali industry is a revolution.

(2), the oil industry

Titanium compounds, in addition to high temperature under five organic acids (formic acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, trichloroacetic acid and trifluoroacetic acid) outside, have a very good stability. Thus, titanium is in petroleum refining and petrochemical excellent structural material can be used to produce a variety of heat exchangers, reactors, pressure vessels and distillation towers.

(3), fertilizer industry

Urea is an important fertilizer in the production process of urea, ammonia, ammonium carbamate and their mixture at high temperature and pressure conditions are highly corrosive, titanium stainless steel equipment after replacing greatly increased life expectancy, maintenance time is greatly reduced. So now the main urea production equipment use titanium.

(4), Sea water desalination

Titanium Tube Used as the Heater Tube is better than copper alloy Tube..

(5).Offshore oil and gas platform

Heat exchanger, Pipeline , and Lots of Parts.fittings.

(6) Power Plant closed the sea.

 It will use the sea water as the cooler water..titanium has very good corrosion resistance.