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Titanium and titanium alloys in the automobile

Author : Date : 4/7/2016 6:26:29 PM
 China's auto industry leaps and bounds, has exceeded the United States and Japan to become the world's automobile production and sales superpower. Cars travel convenience to people but also produced the issues as fuel consumption, environmental protection, safety . Focusing on sustainable development considerations, reduce fuel consumption and emissions of pollution are particularly urgent. According to authoritative statistics international automobile fuel used in about 60% of consumption in vehicle weight. Each car alleviate 10% by weight, emissions can be reduced by 10%, reduce fuel consumption by 7%. Thus, the car weight reduction is an effective measure to achieve the above objectives.

Way to achieve lightweight : First, optimize the vehicle frame structure; the other is the use of lightweight materials in the car manufacturing. currently used on cars mainly aluminum, magnesium, titanium etc.
Titanium parts used in car
The use of titanium in the car two main categories, the first  is used to reduce the quality of the internal combustion engine of the reciprocating member (for reciprocating internal combustion engine parts in terms of reducing even a few grams of quality are important); second It is used to reduce total vehicle mass. According to the design and material properties, titanium in the next-generation vehicles mainly in the engine components and chassis components. In the engine system, it can be made of titanium valves, valve springs, valve spring seat and link other components; chassis components in the main spring, the exhaust system, axle and fasteners.
In addition there are: rocker arm engine parts, suspension spring, piston pins, turbocharger rotor, fasteners, lug nuts, bumper bracket, broke into the door beams, brake caliper piston, pin bolt, clutch disc, pressure plate, shift buttons and so on.

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