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Titanium Corrugated pipe application in Heat Exchangers

Author : Date : 3/18/2016 12:54:02 AM

 Corrugated tube heat exchanger operating characteristics and application

Corrugated tube heat exchanger tube material titanium bellows, non-ordinary straight tube, which is characterized by:
1) high thermal efficiency. Due to the use of corrugated heat transfer tube forms the flow channel cross section of the tube continuous mutation, causing fluid even at low flow rates is always the case in a highly turbulent, difficult to form a laminar flow, so that the main convective heat resistance is effectively overcome internal and external heat transfer tubes are simultaneously strengthening and thus a high heat transfer coefficient, usually 2 to 3 times the straight tube type.

2) anti-scaling ability. Due to the highly turbulent flow path of the fluid, the fluid particles in difficult to deposit scale, even a small amount of scale generated strain since the tube shell temperature stress exists on the bellows produced, the bellows curvature of the elastic characteristics of the occurrence of microscopic changes so that the corrugated tube heat exchanger fouling has a natural ability to scale and nature. Medium strong turbulence on the inner and outer tube wall erosion strongly, while the smooth surface of the arc of the bellows can also inhibit scale formation and growth.

3) the case of a flexible bellows element having the ability to self-compensate for pressure and temperature differences in the larger occasions, can greatly reduce the stress plate and the cylinder tube, and difficult to pull off, leakage .4) using high quality titanium materials, equipment anti- high corrosion resistance, long service life of equipment. 5) small size, small footprint, low maintenance costs. 6) Unique completely free forming process, there is no strong deformation, no intergranular defect, stress distribution.