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Titanium Application and Prospect on submarines

Author : Date : 5/12/2016 11:03:34 PM
 1. Introduction :

    The current naval equipment developed very rapidly, each country advanced weaponry regarded as one of the most important defense strategy. The birth of each advanced weapons are involved the application of new materials, along with naval equipment increasingly high demand, such as steel, iron, aluminum, magnesium and other metals and their alloys in many areas has been unable to meet the requirements, titanium its titanium alloy with good corrosion resistance in seawater, high specific strength, non-magnetic, transparent sound, impact strength, workability (including casting, forging, welding) good features and advantages are gradually entering the ocean more equipment and military fields. Meet contemporary military weapons and equipment for lightweight, high performance requirements. Attention is increasingly being ship and marine engineering equipment, known as the "Marine Metal" ......

2. The application of titanium in naval equipment --- submarines and Examples

2.1 submarines and submersible pressure-resistant housing

    When the submarine structure is timed limit submarine dive depth is proportional to the product of the housing material yield strength and thickness of the shell. Thick pressure vessel with ways to increase the depth of the dive, the submarine will reduce the payload, if maintaining its payload, the size increased to the extent that the submarine would not be practical to use, it must consider the use of a higher specific strength material. Several materials are currently available for submarine housing, the best performance of titanium alloy (specifically shown in table 1). Table 1 shows that titanium is used as submarines and submersible pressure hull material is very advantageous ......

2.2 propeller, propeller shaft and water jet propulsion unit

    Casting titanium alloys have high specific strength and high corrosion fatigue resistance and good resistance to cavitation capability (see Table 3), it is the ideal propeller, especially supercavitation propeller material. Titanium propeller light weight, high propulsion efficiency, long life ......
    Minesweeper propeller and shaft current multi-aluminum bronze and high-strength brass, copper alloy although no magnetic resistance is small but solid, cutting the induced current generated by the Earth's magnetic field lines is large sailing for sweeping magnetic mines unfavorable, and thus the best use of high resistance non-magnetic material, titanium and non-magnetic resistance, is a good candidate material (see Table 4). US minesweepers have used titanium shaft. Japanese midget submarines had to use a shaft diameter 20-30 cm, 6 meters long and weighs 100 kg titanium propeller shaft ......

2.3 parts acoustic device

    Titanium high specific strength, thermal expansion coefficient, high resistance, good sound transmission properties and other characteristics, so that the acoustic device to obtain an application. Japanese submarine production with speed-type spherical microphone, listening submersible, marine telephone parts. Britain is also used as a transducer titanium parts. The former Soviet Union ......

3. with naval equipment problems and development prospects of titanium

    Looking at the overall situation, China's naval equipment with titanium material started late ......
    In order to solve our Navy equipped with titanium backwardness fundamentally enhance our naval equipment, in particular the level of performance and submarine equipment. The need to strengthen top-level design and overall planning, proposed using titanium new ideas and new directions; actively carry out basic research and naval equipment titanium alloy materials and application technology, etc., in order to enhance the technical level of China's naval equipment and make due contributions . Our future should be primarily titanium alloy technology to low-cost, enhance the development of integrated performance, reliable welding, complex manufacturing, application, system, and improve the material prepared direction.

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