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Titanium Aluminum: significantly improve the ability of aero engine bearing temperature

Author : Date : 6/26/2016 6:45:28 PM
 Aero-engine aircraft known as the heart, holds the energy conversion of the aircraft. Its bearing capacity of the core components of the blade temperature directly determines the performance of the engine. To shorten the gap between China, Europe and the United States developed countries, China has aircraft engines and gas turbines as a "major scientific and technological projects," and in March 2016 formally established the "China Aviation Engine Group Co., Ltd."
June 21, 2016, Nanjing University of Science held a news conference, developed a new titanium-aluminum bearing capacity can reach temperatures above 900 ℃, high temperature capability than the existing engine core components of materials increased by more than 150 ℃ -250 ℃. June 20, 2016, the top international journal "Nature Materials" published online its related outcomes.
Conference experts, the current material Chinese aeroengine blade core component is a nickel-based alloy, its high temperature capability at 650 ℃ -750 ℃, once the higher temperature, the material will "creep" that is slowly deformed . Compared to nickel-based alloys, titanium, aluminum itself has a small mass, etc. Not only that, there is a high strength, and high ductility.
It is understood that the evaluation and design of Jiaoyu Bu Engineering Research Center of Nanjing University of Science under the auspices of the National 973 plan, to design a new member of the family of titanium aluminide "polysynthetic twinning titanium aluminum single crystal" (PST titanium aluminum single crystal), not only its strength, ductility greatly enhanced its high temperature capability is up to 900 ℃ or more.
Experts, the US company GE had developed a code-named "4822", high temperature capability of titanium aluminum alloy 650 ℃ -750 ℃, replacing nickel-based superalloy, making just the last two stages of the low-pressure turbine blades of an engine , makes single engine weight about 200 pounds, and fuel-efficient 20% reduction in NOx emissions of 80%, significantly reducing noise, for the Boeing 787, flight 2007 successfully put into commercial operation in 2009, became the progress in the field of aviation and material sensation. And once this material is applied to the entire engine blades for aircraft engine weight, noise reduction, fuel economy and so on, will be more significant.
Nanjing University next will be completed as soon as possible a comprehensive performance test of the alloy, used in blade manufacturing Chinese real aircraft engines.