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The application trend of titanium

Author : Date : 5/14/2015 11:35:54 PM

 Titanium alloy is a new kind of structural and functional material, it has excellent comprehensive performance, density is small, but strength of titanium alloy is higher than the aluminum alloy and steel.Titanium Tube and titanium alloy corrosion resistant performance is good, better than stainless steel, This made the Titaniume has more broad view .

The main consumption of titanium and titanium alloy is aviation industry.

The second application fields of titanium are associated with using its ability to resist corrosion.The dosage is largest chlor-alkali production of electrode materials.
In the energy industry,Titanium had been used for generating plant condenser and heat exchanger,Estimates all over the world in the next ten years of using titanium could reach 2400 tons.

Ocean oil and gas drilling and geothermal development mainly use Ti al 4-6 veli, Ti - 3-2.5 V, Ti 6 al 4 V - 0.1 Ru, Ti - 3 - al - 2.5 - V 0.1 Ru and molybdenum Ti - 38644 (Ti - 3-6 cr - al - 8 V 4 zr - 4 mo).

 another application is to replace traditional materials, instead of the existing alloy and stainless steel, titanium price now had the ability to compete with copper alloy, high-grade stainless steel, especially corrosion resistant alloy.

We believe the Titanium application more and more, Reduce the pollution of the environment,  making the earth more green.