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The amount of titanium application in aviation market will be further enhanced

Author : Date : 5/4/2016 12:37:58 AM
 As one of the main structural materials airframe structure and aircraft engines, the application of titanium market level is a measure of an important symbol selection aircraft advanced degree, is an important aspect of the impact of aircraft and tactical performance. In foreign third-generation fighter aircraft, airframe structural titanium alloy used in an amount by weight ratio of 20% to 25%, as high as 41% in the fourth-generation fighter F-22 (EMD), the application was a significant upward trend. The amount of titanium aircraft engines are gradually increasing the amount of foreign advanced titanium aircraft engines has reached about 30%, for example, titanium amount V2500 engine as high as 31%, the amount of titanium fourth-generation F119 engine is 40%.
    In terms of civil aircraft, is also gradually increase the amount of titanium, A380 with 10% of the total weight of titanium, titanium single use about 60 tons (Fig. 1). The amount of titanium Airbus A320 from 4.5% in the third generation of the fourth generation of A340 increased 6%, while the amount of titanium forthcoming A350 aircraft further increased to 15%.
The rapid development of world civil aviation and defense systems, aircraft and engine requirements by reducing the weight of the structure and other effective ways to continue to improve performance, enhance security and reliability and lower life-cycle costs.
60 years, titanium alloy through continuous innovation, technological innovation and engineering applications, and never stop to again dig out the potential ability of titanium, its superiority of strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other aspects of growing into full play , higher cost problems are gradually resolved to varying degrees, the use of reliability with design application experience over time and continues to increase. Development trend titanium precisely adapted to the aviation industry demand for continuous improvement, and even in some areas to advance the attitude promoted the development of aircraft and engines.
Titanium has a low density, high strength, good corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, non-magnetic, non-toxic, can be good welding, biocompatibility, surface can be decorative and other characteristics, it is a lightweight high strength corrosion structural materials, has broad application prospects in weapons and equipment, and has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, chemical, oil, electricity, health care, construction, sporting goods and other fields.

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