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Russia will stop titanium or export to respond to Europe a new round of sanctions

Author : Date : 8/27/2015 12:29:37 AM
    According to the trade publication reported that the US is working on the EU to Russia a package of new energy and financial sanctions.
    The EU believes Russia can further restrict access and to prohibit their doing business with Western countries through the expansion of Russian officials and businessmen in the blacklist.
    The United States said it would take more stringent measures to influence the foreign subsidiaries and the bank of Russia, while Russia involves certain emerging sectors of the economy, such as mining and machinery manufacturing; Or financing in Western countries to Russia more stringent restrictions ʱ?? Also proposed to expand the sanctions to the energy sector. The new energy sanctions may involve the supply of natural gas and light oil exploration business transport and drilling equipment.
     Mr. President Putin's assistant Andre • Bella Usov said in an interview, the EU extended sanctions against Russia or will be expanded to respond to countermeasures. From the Russian point of view, Russia or will stop the export of titanium, aircraft overflight ban, while limiting Western companies and banks in the Russian business. Due to the continuation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine slight, any event that could become a pretext for tightening sanctions against Russia. At the same time, we believe that a new round of sanctions as long as the West focused on Russia's stock prices and the ruble market. After all, the impact of the ruble against the oil price is the most important.

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