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Monel Nickel Alloy K500 Bar

Author : Date : 12/24/2015 7:36:47 PM
K500 bar is a nickel-copper alloy bar which is a precipitation hardenable alloy because of aluminium and titanium content.Its chemical compositions have Ni,Cu,Fe,C,Mn,Si,S,Al,Ti.

Nickel alloy K-500 bar keeps excellent corrosion resistant characteristics and has higher strength and hardness after precipitation hardening.Alloy K500 is non-magnetic,when welded this alloy should be annealed and stress relieved before aging.Its melting range is 1315-1350 degrees.

Nickel alloy K-500 bars have been widely applied in chemical process pump and valve components;paper production pulp processing doctor blades and scrapers;marine engineering chains,cables,fasteners and springs;electronic components;and oil and gas production non-magnetic housings,pump shafts and impellers.

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