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Five kinds of nickel based alloy

Author : Date : 12/8/2015 2:11:21 AM
As for the applications,nickel based alloy have nickel based high temperature alloy,nickel based
corrosion-resistant alloy,nickel based precise alloy,nickel based shape-memory alloy.

1.Nickel based high temperature alloy.Chromium,tungsten,molybdenum,cobalt,aluminum,
boron are the mainly based elements.Chromium has oxidation-resistance and corrosion-resistance.Nickel
based alloy has good oxidation-resistance even though under the temperature of 650~1000 degrees.They
are mainly used for manufacturing high temperature parts of air-engine blade and rocket engines,nuclear
reactors,energy conversion devices.

2.Nickel based corrosion-resistant alloy.Copper,chromium and molybdenum are the mainly based elements.
They can resist different kinds of acid.Nickel-copper alloy is the most early used alloy which is applied to make
kinds of corrosion-resistant components.

3.Nickel based wear-resistant alloy.Chromium,molybdenum,tungsten are the mainly based elements.They have
good wear-resistance,oxidation-resistance,corrosion-resistance and welding capability so that they can be
made into wear-resistant parts.They also can be coating materials by surfacing and spraying process.

4.Nickel based precise alloy.They can be used for the important iron core material in industry because they
have higher resistivity and can bear the temperature of 1000~1100 degrees.

5.Nickel based shape-memory alloy.It is made from 50% titanium and the reversed temperature is 70 degrees
which is mainly used for manufacturing structural parts of spacecraft and artificial heart motors of biomedical.

At Freedom Steel,we manufacture and export a wide variety of
nickel alloy tubes and bars with high
density.These alloy tubes and bars with good resistant to dry chlorine and chlorine hydride are manufactured
using superior quality nickel alloy and we offer these products to work within an environment of recommended
700 degrees temperature.

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