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Find High Quality Nickel Alloy Round Bars In Freedom Steel International Limited

Author : Date : 1/20/2016 2:10:52 AM
Nickel base alloy has many advantages such as good corrosion resistance.High quality nickel alloy bars have good corrosion resistance either under high temperature or low temperature.The most important is that they are atoxic.  

Nickel Alloy Bars

The nickel-copper based alloy and nickel-copper-aluminum based alloy are the most widely used alloy in fastener manufacturing at present.They both have superior capabilities even below zero degree.Monel nickel alloy consists of 67% Ni,30% Cu,1.4% Fe,1% Mn.Nickel-copper alloy can not be hot rolled,but they can improve their strength capability by cold rolling.There are grade A and grade B of nickel-copper alloy.Garde A is suitable for cold rolling to improve its capability.Grade B need second process because of higher contain of sulphur.Nickel-copper-aluminum consists of 66% Ni,29% Cu,2.75% Al,1% Fe,0.75% Mn,0.6% Ti which is called K-Monel.Ti and Al can be hot rolled so that it have higher strength than nickel copper alloy.

Freedom Steel International Limited supply various range of grade of titanium alloy tube,titanium alloy bars,nickel alloy tube and bars.Once you establish relationship with us,you will find a high quality nickel alloy bars supplier!