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Choose Nickel Alloy Bars As The Right Metal For Your Application

Author : Date : 1/28/2016 8:40:48 PM
Nickel alloys are highly resistant to seawater corrosion and are therefore perfect for offshore oil and gas applications;in addition their hi-temperature resistance makes nickel material ideal in power generation,aerospace,nuclear and chemical applications.Nickel alloy bars are utilised extensively throughout a wide range of industries.

Nickel Alloy Bars

The aerospace,oil and gas,motor sport,medical,industrial and electroplating sectors all have their uses for nickel alloy bars,and the majority of organisations rely on a selection of alloys to cater to the varying needs of numerous applications.The nickel alloy bars are a versatile option for every industry,making them the metal of choice for the construction of aircraft gas turbines,steam turbines and other vital equipment in medical and nuclear power settings.

Freedom Steel International Limited provide nickel alloy 400 bars,K500 nickel alloy bars,nickel alloy C276 bars,nickel alloy 625 bars and nickel alloy 600 bars.To find out more about what nickel alloy bar is appropriate for your organisation,please contact us today at 0086-158-51619216/0086-135-84498155.