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Chinese medical titanium consumes more than 1000 tons

Author : Date : 9/10/2015 1:13:45 AM
Titanium for medical use is rapidly into the us, with the rapid development of society, economy, people living standard rise, demand for biomedical materials and their products will continue to rise, which will further promote the application of titanium.

In 2013 ~ 2020, the world medical equipment industry compound annual growth rate will reach 5%.By 2020, the market size will be $514 billion.Is encouraging global medical device industry in 2014 year, the first half of 2014 completed medical instrument field m&a amount than the same period last year growth of 363%.Dosage of titanium for medical use, annual growth rate of 20 ~ 30%, medical titanium demand prospects look good, the current Chinese medical titanium consumes more than 1000 tons.

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