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Basic Knowledge about Nickel Alloy

Author : Date : 8/9/2016 3:53:42 AM

Nickel alloy refers to a class of alloys which has high strength and a certain antioxidant corrosion capacity at high temperature 650 to 1000
. According to the main performance, it can subdivide into nickel heat-resistant alloys, nickel corrosion-resistant alloys, nickel wear-resistant alloys, nickel precision alloys and nickel shape-memory alloys. Superalloys can be divided into iron superalloys, nickel superalloys and cobalt superalloys according to different substrate. Wherein the nickel superalloys are called nickel alloys for short. 

Nickel alloys have applied in many fields, such as:

1. Ocean: Ocean structures in marine environment, desalination, aquaculture, and seawater heat exchange.

2. Environmental protection: flue gas desulphurization equipment of thermal power plant, waste water treatment.

3. Energy: nuclear power generation, utilization of coal, tidal power generation.

4. Petrochemical industry: oil refining, chemical engineering equipment.

5. Food industry: salt, soy sauce manufacturing, etc.

In above fields, the normal 304 stainless steel is not competent. As the growth in various sectors of the nickel alloy demand, in 2011 the nickel alloys market in China has reached to 23.07 billion Yuan, 19.47 % growth rate on year-on-year basis. Therefore, the level of development of this industry is in a steady upward trend.

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