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Aerospace Titanium R & D direction

Author : Date : 8/17/2015 12:11:43 AM
Spacecraft in the ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, high vacuum, high stress, corrosion and other extreme conditions of work, in addition to relying on excellent design, but also depends on the material has excellent features and functionality. Titanium products including titanium tube, bars, sheets etc for the aerospace qualities rolled into one and known as the "cosmic metal", "Space metal." According to the demand for aerospace products, materials, titanium is the following directions of development in the aerospace field:

High Strength Titanium
At present this more successful example is the United States developed the α + β two-phase titanium alloy high strength and high toughness Ti62222S, the material has good strength and ductility with the room temperature fracture strength and yield strength greater than 1300MPa and 1200MPa, and its high temperature performance is also good. In addition, Ti62222S also has high fracture toughness and damage tolerance, and alloy Ti6Al4V considerable fatigue crack growth rate and better than the alloy Ti6Al4V elastic modulus and superplastic formability can replace Ti6Al4V.

High temperature alloy
Ultrasound cruise missile, hypersonic cruise missile, reusable launch vehicle, and suborbital reusable cross-entry vehicle research and development, requiring titanium must be used at more than 600 ℃ high temperature and which requires titanium must have excellent high temperature performance. The first international US-developed high-temperature titanium alloy is Ti6Al4V, it can be used at 300 ~ 350 ℃. Ti6Al4V alloy both α + β two-phase characteristics, widely used in the aerospace field. Al solid solution strengthening is to maximize the thermal effect, Titanium also added Sn, Zr, Mo and Si and other elements, have developed a working temperature is 450 ℃ of IMI679, Ti6242 alloy, use of a temperature of IMI685 500 ℃, Ti6242S other alloys, using a temperature of IMI834 550 ~ 600 ℃, Ti1100, BT36 alloy.

Low-temperature alloy
With the rapid development of space technology, titanium alloys at low temperatures and extremely low ambient temperatures increase, the development of low-temperature titanium alloy is extremely important. The study found that by reducing the H, O, N and other interstitial elements, and the content of Al alloy can improve low temperature performance, making long-term use at 20K temperature environment.