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2015 ~ 2019 global nickel market compound annual growth rate will reach 5%

Author : Date : 12/29/2015 12:44:41 AM
 New Research And Markets.com website report released by the global nickel market in the next five years, namely 2015 and 2019, will reach 5 percent compound annual growth rate.
The report noted that the amount of nickel is facing a severe test. New Alternatives nickel is likely to replace nickel-traditional applications in a variety of fields, and therefore found that the alternatives to nickel market growth will suffer a serious impact. For example, in the manufacture of stainless steel, chromium in the amount of the increase. In addition, the power industry and the oil industry in the use of the pipeline have begun to replace the nickel-titanium alloy, because titanium with anti-corrosive. Battery industry also began to use lithium-ion replacement nickel metal hydride. 2015 ~ 2019, the development of these alternatives will limit the development of the nickel market.
Meanwhile, growth in the nickel market will mainly benefit from the increased demand in the transport sector. Airbus, monorail, subway lines and buses development will increase the use of nickel. Moreover, the growing demand for electricity will contribute to build more power plants. Create a large number of nickel-based stainless steel and alloys of nickel can cause and increase the amount of sales.
The report also noted that BHP Billiton, Glencore, Norilsk Nickel, India Neanderthal Tam mining company Vale and other companies will play a key role in the global nickel market. Eramet Group, JFEMineral company, Lundin Mining, Sherritt company and South32 that several companies will become important vendors.

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