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10 Different Aspects Of Using Titanium Tube

Author : admin Date : 4/1/2016 6:00:24 AM
Titanium is used in various industries for various purposes. It is a beneficial alloy for the mankind as it provides several advantages. It can be used for strong construction purposes and reduced costs. So, let’s know what all the titanium tube can offer:

Various aspect of titanium tube:
1.    Compared to the tubes made from steel or nickel alloys, tubes made of titanium alloys consists up to 60 % low density.
2.    Perfect to manufacture engine and airframe components as they are equipped to tackle high pressure and temperature conditions.
3.    The low density helps the tube to be ideal for fluids to flow in a continuous manner.
4.    These create strong adhesion which make the tube corrosion resistant
5.    Components used in the tube made of titanium are great for chemical and petrochemical, power generation, sporting goods, marine, nuclear and paper industries.
6.    These titanium tubes are great to withstand chemical compounds.
7.    These tubes are great when it comes to heat transfer performance, they are capable of handling temperature up to 600  or even higher.
8.    These are non-magnetic tubes for their stiffness and toughness.
9.    These also provides of supple ride and shock absorbing properties to the users.
10.    These are available in various sizes and dimensions.

Titanium tubes are therefore applicable in high temperature water and stream environment. Titanium being the ninth most abundant element in the earth’s crust, these ensure low density and high strength. Because of its various positive features, it finds place in various industries like aerospace industry and many other industries and markets.