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Freedom Steel International Limited is a reliable Manufacturer and Exporter of Titanium Tubes, Bars, Plates. Founded in HongKong 2008, It is 100km away from Shanghai.
Freedom Covers 13 thousand Square meters of it's building are.Total asset values 50 million RMB for the first stage investment, Has introduced a couple of international advanced production lines and test lines, such as Cold Pilger machines, Cold Precision Pilger Machines, Vacuum furnaces, Impact Test, Machanical Properties test, Eddy Current Test, Ultrasonic Test, Hydrostatic Test, Metallurgical Microscope Test and So on.

Freedom Steel is committed to providing safe and reliable titanium metal for the global industrial equipment with unremitting efforts. Manufacturer have got certificates like DNV, ISO 9001:2008, Freedom Adapts An Integrate Production System Which Includes Melting, Titanium Forging, Rolling, Drawing, Fabricating And Testing, Which Enable Us Supply Various Range Of Sizes, Covering All Grades Of CP Titanium And Most Titanium Alloys. Our Main Milling Products Are Titanium Seamless Tubes, Pipes, Rod & Bars, Profiles, Sheets And Nickel Alloy Tubes.
Main Products: 
     Titanium Tubes/Pipes, Titanium Bars/Rods, Titanium Sheet/Plate, Nickel Alloy Tube, Brass Tube.
Main Grades:
     CP Titanium             (Gr.1, Gr.2)
     Ti-3Al2.5V               (Gr.9)
     Ti-6Al4V                   (Gr.5)
     Ti-5Al-2.5Sn             (Gr.6)
     Ti-0.2Pb                   (Gr.7)
     Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni          (Gr.12)
     Ti-6Al-4V ELI            (Gr.23)
     Monel 400               
     C44300, C68700, C70600(90/10), C71500(70/30)
     Bar           ASTM B348/SB348, AMS 4928, MIL-T-9047, ASTM F67, F136
     Sheet       ASTM B265/SB265, AMS 4911, MIL-T-9046, ASTM F67, F136
     Tube        ASTM B338/ASME SB338, ASTM B861/ASME SB861,B162,B163,B111
     Wire         ASTM B348/ASME SB348, ASTM B863, AWS A5.16, AMS 4951
     Forging     ASTM B381/ASME SB381

Size Range for Tube:
     Outside diameter: 6mm-219mm
     Wall thickness: 0.5mm-18mm,
     Maximum  length: 18000mm

Premium Quality

All the products we deliver are mill certified and 100% traceable from mill processing through melt source to maintain quality control requirements. Third Party Inspection is available for quality tests such as chemical analysis, mechanical test, microstructure test, etc.

Competitive Price

We start working from titanium sponge and we are capable of finishing the raw material melting, milling, drawing, cutting, packaging in house for most products, this makes our prices much more competitive as the middleman is cut out. And our cooperated forwarder and courier charge us reasonable costs for goods delivery.

Superior Service

Customer services are not limited to quick response and on-time delivery. We also offer value-added processing such as welding, drilling, surface treatment and customized cutting. Thanks to the developed logistics companies and couriers, we can deliver the goods to your door.