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Titanium Gr7 Bar

Titanium Gr7 Bar
Product name : Titanium Gr7 Bar Item : Titanium Gr7 round bar, square bar, hexagonal bar
Supply high quality precision forging rod, forging rod, crowded bar, rolling rods, light bar (round bar, square bar, hexagonal bar)
manufacturing methods: hot forging, hot rolling ,hot forging (grinding)

Delivery status: hot working state, the annealing condition

According to the cross-sectional area divided into:
Specification: round bar Φ (4-200)mm * L 6000mm or less
Square rods specification: 6 *6 * L mm, 300 * 300 * L mm
(rectangular square rod hexagonal rods specification: according to customer's request)

Execution standard: GB / 2965-2007 GB/T13810-2007 (medical titanium rods) Q/BS5331-91 standard (rotary swaging rod)
American standard ASTM B348 ASTM standard ASTM F67 F136 medical (standard) medical AMS4928 (aviation) MIL (extrusion rods standards)
Quality inspection: ISO9001-2008 management system certification;100% ultrasonic testing;Provide third party quality inspection certificate. 
Package is installed, according to customer needs, the wooden cases. 

Production equipment:   electrode press, vacuum arc furnace power consumption, free forging hydraulic press, 750 kg air hammer, electric resistance furnace, lathes, sawing machine, etc. 

Areas of application: used in aerospace, medical, chemical, petrochemical, shipbuilding and other industries. 

At the same time, can be given according to the customers' drawings, provide customer required of titanium bar.


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