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Brass Tube

Brass Tube
Product name : Brass Tube Item : C44300 & C68700
Admiralty Brass Tube -C44300 has good corrosion resistance and excellent cold workability for forming and bending. It always used in power station,ship building,Oil,Chemical industral as condenser Tube.

Aluminium Brass Tube -C68700 resists the action of high velocity salt and blackish water and is commonly used for condenser tubes.
Sn for C44300  and  Al for C68700
Brass  Cu As Fe Pb Sn/Al Zn
C44300 70.0-73.0 .02-.06 0.06 0.07 0.9-1.2 Rem.
C68700 76.0-79.0 .02-.10 0.06 0.07 1.8-2.5 Rem.

Brass Tube
Specification:  ASTM B111/ ASME SB111
Temper : O61 Annealed
Brass Tube Range:
OD : 6.0mm ~ 60mm
WT : 0.5mm ~ 3.0mm
Brass Tube Applications:
Condenser Tube
Evaporator Tube
Refrigeration Tube
Heat-Exchanger Tube

Brass Tube Client :
SGS for YU PIN INDUSTRIAL  -----C44300  -  Download
Lloyd's Test -------------------------C44300 -   Download
BV Test  for  CNE-NASA -----------C44300 -   Download
Mill Test Certification  -------------C44300 -   Download
Mill Test Certification  -------------C68700 -   Download
[Previous : C71500(70/30) & C70600(90/10)]
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