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Seamless 3Al-2.5V Titanium Tube

CP Titanium, 3Al2.5V, 6Al4V Titanium Tube

Freedom Steel is engaged in supplying corrosion resistant range of titanium tubes that are manufactured using titanium ingots. Available in round and rectangular shapes, company offers these tubes in various technical specifications at very affordable prices.

Titanium has low density, slightly over half that of steel, Alloys with additives such as aluminum and vanadium will get high strength. it makes the titanium use in many industries and markets.

Commercial Pure Titanium Tube
Titanium has very good corrosion resistance to seawater, it always used in marine applications, since it does not have the strength for most hydraulic applications.

3Al-2.5V Titanium Tube
Primarily used in high strength applications but light weight. such like Sporting field, golf shafts, bicycle frames, etc.

6Al-4V Titanium Tube.
Based the super strength, It is the first titanium choice in the aerospace industry, But it is too hard to processing, Normally it is made by drilling the bar. it most used in sheet, bars and forgings.

Titanium Tube used in many industries and markets like:
1. Marine Industry
2. Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
3. Pulp and paper industry
4. Medical industry
5. Sporting goods Industry
6. Nuclear industry

Freedom Steel gladly takes custom orders for the range of Titanium Tube. Our company is also reputed for value-added processing such as welding, drilling, surface treatment and customized cutting.

Titanium Bar

CP Titanium Bars (Gr.2) and Alloy Titanium Bars (6Al4V , 3Al2.5V ,0.3Mo0.8Ni )

Titanium Plate (Sheet)

Titanium Sheet & Titanium Plate (CP Titanium and Titanium Alloy)

Seamless Titanium Tube & Tubing

CP Titanium Tube (Gr.2) and Alloy Titanium Tube (Ti-3Al2.5V,Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni)

Titanium Wire

Titanium Welded Wire (CP Titanium and Titanium Alloy)

MONEL® Alloy 400 Tube and Bar

Monel 400 Alloy Tube is Containing 65% Nickel and 30% Copper

Titanium Alloy Tube

ASTM B338 and ASTM B861 Seamless Alloy Titanium Tube, Gr.9 , 3Al-2.5V Titanium Tube with high strength and light weight

Titanium Block

Titanium Block according to ASTM B348

Monel K500 Tube and Bar

Monel K500 combines Monel 400’s excellent corrosion resistance with greater strength and hardness as a result of adding aluminum and titanium and proper heat treatment to cause precipitation hardening.

CuNi 90/10 Tube

Copper Alloy Tube

Hastelloy C276 Tube and Bar

Hastelloy C276 (N10276) is widely used in the chemical field and petrifaction field, such as the element of chloride organic and catalyze system.

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